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New Ebooks — Autism Information and Stories

This week I spent time putting together some new Ebooks. It is my goal to help parents find resource .. [ + Read More ]

From Coping with Autism to Living Happily with Autism

I was asked to write this article about coping with autism.  A few months ago I would have been oka .. [ + Read More ]

Our Events

Little Acorn Academy

On August, 11th FAIR will be partnering with Little Acorn Academy to raise money for FAIR and to hel .. [+Read More]

FAIR’s July Meetup

In July, FAIR had it's first meetup. We met at Mangia's Pizza in north Austin. We had a great s .. [+Read More]

Success Stories

Autism Recovery: My name is Nicholas Glenski. I was born in 1995 only weighting a pound. I am on my journey to fully recovering from autism. I was fully vaccinated. I had horse riding therapy when I was 4 to learn how to walk and talk. I was then riding a 2 wheeled bike at 4 also. Jump ahead to 15 when I got diagnosed with the disease of autism.  Which for me was High function autism, whatever ..
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Living with with Autism: My name is Matthew Mcenery and I am thirty years of age.  I was diagnosed at age 10 with autism and I have also asthma and a lazy eye.  I got surgery when I was 13 for the lazy eye.  In my twenties, I developed alcoholism and managed to be freed from it since 2008, [taking it] one day at a time.  I now have a trade certificate in horticulture, parks and gardens ..
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Autism Therapy Success: I know there are many kinds of therapies for our kids who have Autism that help them tremendously, including ABA therapy and Occupational Therapy (OT). But if it weren't for me making the decision to homeschool Travis through K12, we would have NEVER heard about The Listening Program. The Listening Program is a music based program, and quoting from their website, "T ..
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