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Advisory Board

Jonathan de la Luz

Jonathan de la Luz has been in the motion picture industry for over 30 years as a writer-producer and production/financial consultant working with various studios and independent production companies. Jonathan produced his first movie “Meet The Hollowheads” (aka Life On The Edge) in 1989. It was directed by legendary make-up special effects pioneer, Tom Berman (“The Goonies”).

In 2000 Jonathan created “Azisa Pictures”. This company made use of cutting edge digital technologies to create high quality independent films utilizing a host of varied locations. The truth is, says de la Luz “the world is our back-lot”. One of the results was, “The Hunt”, which Jonathan co-wrote the story and screenplay and also co-produced, “Azisa Pictures” first movie. Released by “Image Entertainment” it was directed by Fritz Kiersch (“Children Of The Corn”) and executive produced by Gray Frederickson (Oscar winner for Best Picture “Godfather II”) and business entrepreneur John Simonelli. Jonathan also wrote the screenplay, produced and directed the follow-up production, entitled “Agenda” which is a unique contemporary feature film noir murder-mystery-thriller. Both films received several awards.

In 2009 Jonathan founded a new production studio, “Luzworks” (On Twitter), and in 2011 he formed a new digital distribution company called “LuzworksMedia” which re-purposes movie and television content for the Internet. He is also a member of the “British Academy of Film and Television Arts”, “Los Angeles”, “Austin Film Society” and “National Association of Latino Independent Producers”.


Laura Perez

Laura Perez is a business development director who focuses on underrepresented and under-developed cultures, demographics, and markets.  She has developed and produced Latin-themed entertainment content for the last 10 years including feature films, music videos, educational videos and documentaries.

Laura began her entertainment career as a writer.  “No More Empty Chairs” – the stage play she co-wrote, was recognized by The National Coalition of Hispanic Health for outstanding advocacy.  In addition, the feature film “Harvest of Redemption” which she also co-wrote, won the “Best Foreign Feature” award at the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, and was distributed nationwide by Blockbuster. “Harvest” features the touching true story of a Latino migrant farm worker family and an unpunished murder that they must learn to let go.

She is currently producing and directing a feature documentary entitled “American Orange,” which explores the “mysterious” decline and demise of an impoverished citrus producing Latino border community that coincidentally also housed an Agent Orange producing plant during the Vietnam War.

Laura also currently serves as the Director of Business Development for the Taylor Economic Development Corporation where in her first 5 months she recruited projects that created $1.5M in local capital investments.

Laura is a 5-year member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. She has been a screenplay judge for Final Draft’s Big Break Script Competition, The American Screenwriter’s Association International Screenplay Competition, Scenarios USA’s “What’s The Real Deal” Screenplay Competition, a consultant and panelist for The CineSol Latin Film Festival, and honored for her contributions as a speaker by The Migrant Students College Assistance Program.

Laura has a Juris Doctorate from Saint Mary’s University School of Law, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Communications, and an Associate’s Degree in Theatre.


Christina Romero

Christina Romero currently manages and teaches for Voice Boutique Company. She is a passionate and talented bilingual-Spanish, special education and theatre teacher with numerous teaching certifications and years of experience in both public and private schools. She is delighted to contribute and learn from being a part of FAIR’s Advisory Board. Christina is passionate about getting all children to express themselves.

In 2001, Christina was offered a position to learn and provide Applied Behavior Analysis to an autistic child in Austin. Case supervision and training for the family in Austin was provided via CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders) in Los Angeles. In August 2002, Christina moved to Los Angeles. She became a behaviorist through a company called Intensive Behavior Intervention Specialists. Through this agency, Christina was able to provide support to students with autism or with severe behavioral issues, full time, in the schools and in the homes of students. She got to learn from teachers, parents, speech and occupational therapists, while supporting individual students with autism. Eventually, Christina wanted to receive more intensive training from one of Los Angeles best organizations in the field, Working with Autism. Working with Autism provided Christina with extensive training in Discrete Trial Therapy. Training at Working With Autism included monthly clinics, observations, frequent evaluations and workshops, in addition to working with several autistic children each week at their schools and in their homes.

In 2004, Christina began providing private tutorial services to kids with disabilities in Los Angeles.  In 2009, Christina returned to her work of providing early intervention services to special needs children. She became certified in Special Education, Bilingual- Spanish Education and Elementary Education. From 2009-2011, she taught Bilingual PPCD (Pre School for Children with Disabilities) at Blazier Elementary in southeast Austin. In June 2011, Christina started Voice Boutique, where she teaches writing, acting and Spanish to children, and she tutors children struggling during their primary years of school.


Dan E. Burns, Ph.D

Dan E. Burns, Ph.D., graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1979 and is the father of a 24-year-old son on the autism spectrum and author of “Saving Ben: A Father’s Story of Autism” ( Dr. Burns is a Contributing Editor for “Age of Autism” and is Adult issues Liaison for “AutismOne”. Dan is on the Executive Board of the Canary Party. He facilitates planning, vocational programming, and funding for an Autism Spectrum. Dr. Burns chairs “The Autism Trust USA”, a 501(c)3 charity focused on empowering parents to organize communities where their ASD children and others can live and work, enjoy life, continue to heal, and give back to society.




Laura Ward Woelfel

Laura Ward Woelfel is a fourth generation Austinite. She received her BA in Child Development at the University of Texas at Austin in 1993. She went on to receive a MA in Counseling Psychology at St. Edward’s University. She has been licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1998. Mrs. Woelfel works with children, and families, most of whom have issues with learning disabilities.

In 1995 Mrs. Woelfel became an Irlen Screener to help those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity ( a visual processing problem often found to affect 50% of the learning disability population including Autism). In 2006 she joined the Texas Irlen Clinic under the direction of Dr. Carol Zuccone, Licensed Psychologist and School Psychologist (, as a Certified Irlen Diagnostician  to be able to further help her clients with prescribing the Irlen Spectral Filter Lenses.

Mrs. Woelfel is also the mother of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. Her son Caswell, is now 9 and entering the 3rd grade. As a mother, she struggled with the pain and frustration on how to best help her son and where to go for help. She spent many years searching for the best resources around Texas and working with her school district to make sure her son got the best support he could have.


Rodney G. Woelfel

Rodney Woelfel is the husband of Laura Ward Woelfel and stepfather to her son Caswell whom has Asperger’s Syndrome, and the father of two sons, Colby, age 11 and Brenden, age 9. After graduating High School in 1995, Rodney enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Rodney is now a full time student at NAU (National American University) studying to earn his Masters of Science degree in Computer Science, afterwards he hopes to work towards his Ph.D. in Computer Science. Rodney’s biggest passion is computers and helping people. Rodney is really excited to be a part of FAIR and help out as much as he can.




Angela Day

Angela Day is married with two adult children, one daughter and one son with PDD-NOS. She participated in and managed her son’s successful in-home ABA program using college students for twelve years. When they started out he was non-verbal and considered unteachable by the school district. For 2 1/2 years they home-schooled him using college students 7 days a week, 40 hours a week with great success. He has been in a regular classroom since 1st grade and is now in 11th grade. Also from age four, they used biomedical and diet interventions that greatly help his health.

Angela has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and has been a computer programmer/analyst for over 20 years. She was the president of the “National Autism Association of Central Texas” for 4 years, and is the founder of “An Independent Me” (AIM).


Sara Chamberlain

Sara Chamberlain is a recent transplant to Austin, who made her way South after growing up in Maine, attending college in Upstate New York, and starting her career in Michigan, followed by a move to Ohio.

In 2002, she graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design. For the last 10 years, she has worked in the field of graphic and web design, most recently acting as a Marketing Director for a construction company in Cincinnati. Currently she runs her own graphic design firm, Origin & Innovation Design. She has devoted her time to various non-profits over the last several years in Cincinnati, sitting on numerous committees and offering her experience in graphic design, web design and social media. She looks forward to doing the same for FAIR and other local non-profits.


Norma Klein

Norma Klein has been a Nail Therapist for 11 years, and added Reflexology to her services 7 years ago. She uses all Natural, Plant based products in my services, to help you grow beautiful natural nails.

She also does Body Glitter Tattoos for clients, private parties, school or church functions, festivals, and vendor booths. Her first Autism event was for Heidi, doing Glitter Tattoos at her AFA Event, last February.

Norma knows several people who have children with Autism, so she feels privileged to be part of such a great organization. She’s committed to helping inform the public about Autism and raise funds to help children with Autism and their families so that they can get the education and resources they need to succeed in life.


Jevanie Larson

Jevanie Larson is the owner/operator of Eighty Six It Salon. She has been creating hair transformations for 9 years. She has also been a licensed cosmetology instructor for the last 4 years. She specializes in texture issues using cut, color, specialized extension methods, and custom wig creation to create the look that best suits everyone. She also has an organic product line that will stimulate growth and create growth in a little as 4-6 weeks.

Because she herself has had many health issues through her life, she loves making everyone no matter what the circumstance, feel beautiful as everyone should, and she finds this is essential to a full recovery in mind, body, health, and spirit.

Jevanie met Heidi through her talents and gifts, and has been successful in creating a part of her healing as well, and still works closely with her. When working with FAIR, she looks forward to using her abilities to help those in need on many levels. As an educator she will be helping with tools for children having trouble in schools, and helping to reform education to better assist teaching to all learning types. She also looks forward to helping those with hair issues feel beautiful no matter what the cause.


Romela Quinn

Romela Quinn has been involved with USANA Health Sciences since February 1998 when she joined USANA as an Associate in Auckland, New Zealand.

Prior to that Romela Quinn worked for 17 years in the corporate world in a variety of roles including Executive Assistant and Marketing Coordinator for some of Auckland New Zealand’s largest companies. Romela has a strong background in Advertising and Marketing – having completed an Advertising and Marketing Diploma at AUT in the late 1980’s.

Since Romela’s commencement with USANA Health Sciences she has worked hard to develop a strong international team of approximately 36,000 downline Associates which spans 18 different countries for USANA Health Sciences.  Romela maintains a leadership rank of Gold Director and is a member of the prestigious USANA Million Dollar Club and also a respected representative of the Independent Distributor Council for USANA Health Sciences – Australasia.

She was also the recipient of the coveted Dr. Wentz Vision Award for the year 2000 – awarded to her at the USANA Health Sciences International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Romela Quinn has extensive experience in growing a strong, international network marketing team with USANA Health Sciences and continues to grow her USANA businesses currently.


Jack Creamer

Jack Creamer is an independent documentary filmmaker and the owner and senior editor of Creektree Films, a video post production studio in Denver, Colorado. With over twenty years of experience, he started his career as a photographer, editor and producer of television sports and news. He formed his own Digital Video Post Production studio in 2003 to focus on original programming. He has produced original television pilots, local sports programming and several documentary shorts. Jack has over 14 years experience with AVID non-linear editing systems.

Throughout his career, he has won Emmy, Telly, Marcom, and Davey awards.  Currently, Jack is working on the documentary Programming Hope, a film that focuses on the struggles faced by adults on the autism spectrum to find meaningful employment – a subject he is particularly passionate about due to family and friends dealing with this important social issue. He hopes that the film will inspire and educate audiences to support employment opportunities for autistic adults, showcase positive examples of success stories, and empower parents to seek a positive future for their children.

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