New Ebooks — Autism Information and Stories

This week I spent time putting together some new Ebooks. It is my goal to help parents find resources and ways of understanding what life with autism may be like through my eyes. I want to do this by helping parents find creative ways to learn more about autism that are cost efficient and user friendly. Below you will find information about the latest Ebooks.  I hope that you and your family can find these books both helpful and useful in understanding autism.  You can learn more about my Ebooks by visiting:


The Green Dot: Autism and Social Networking Sites

This is a guide book to social networking sites for people with Autism or people who Support individuals on the Autism Spectrum. In this book I’ll share my experiences with social networking sites like Facebook. I’ll tell you the pros and cons of social networking sites and help provide some simple strategies for helping your child or student learn how to use Facebook safely and appropriately. This book will be great for helping teenagers and young adults learn about Facebook and other networking sites.


Autism Social Thinking and Context Guide

“Context is King” is a quote by Dr. Peter Gerhardt a Behavior Analyst in the field of Autism. Understanding context is critical for social success. I spent several years trying to master certain social skills. I read books on the subject and even studied with people. It wasn’t until I learned about social context that I began to see huge improvements in the area of friendship in my life. People with autism need to learn a social skill set for several different environments. We access a different set of social skills for the club or at a party than we would at the library. We must learn how to access different social channels for various situations. We also need to understand the different context of each social relationship. A good friendship is not the same context as a co-worker. We must learn how to behave differently with the co-worker than we do our friend. This book will help your child or student learn the different channels or contexts of social relationships.


It’s Not About You or Me: It’s About We

This is a presentation outline. I present on Autism, Special Interest, the Make Believe World, Coping Mechanisms, Life on the Autism Spectrum, Diagnosis, School, College, Transitions, and Work.     The Reality of Living Within Two Worlds     People with Autism often create a make believe imaginary world. This book is about that imaginary world and the relationship it has Autism. In this book I share my experience with the make believe world. I will share how I use it as a coping mechanism to help get through each day. The make believe world can be a great coping mechanism. It can also be a troubling if too much time is spent in the make believe world. When I make a friend they become like my mother in my mind. I have to try and balance that with the real world. Parents often ask why their child lies about silly things like flushing the toilet after using the restroom. This book goes into detail about why that may be happening and why your child may not really be lying. You get a look inside my asperger’s mind to learn more about the make believe world.


Autism Lives With Me

This is a manuscript full of journal entries I have authored over the years. You’ll see my thoughts and feelings towards autism first hand. This book will help give insight into what your autism spectrum child may be thinking or feeling. This is my journey of healing and acceptance towards autism. I went from coping with autism to living happily and successfully with autism.


Living Happily and Successful

This is my story. I’m 27 years old. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when I was 22. Since then I have been on a very emotional and remarkable journey. I now choose to be happy and successful. For a long time I struggled to want to live because of the asperger’s syndrome. Learn about how I overcame those feelings to find feelings of complete happiness. I share my story in hopes of inspiring you and others. I want you to know there is hope for you or anyone you know with Autism. Hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do.


I am a child: Just Like You

I am a child: Just Like You is a story about a little boy named Mason. Mason is unique and special. Follow Mason on his journey exploring the world as he sees it. You will learn that Mason is just like you or any other child. I am a child: Just Like You is aimed to encourage growth of self esteem for children with Autism or other disabilities. It is also a great tool for educating other people about Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Disabilities.


These are the latest Ebooks that I’ve put together. Please take a minute to visit my page and learn more about them. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or visit my website at:

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