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Board of Directors

Heidi Carabine

Heidi Carabine founded Families for Autism and Immune Recovery (FAIR), after her many years of first-hand experience with both her son’s Autism and the pain of having a complex immune disorder herself that doctors are still seeking to understand. She has invested 14 plus years in the Autism Arena as a spokesperson for Autism, Autoimmune Disorders and Environmental Toxicity. During these years, she has networked with doctors and the public in these areas: marketing medical and health care related services, consulting and managing an integrative medical practice, volunteering for several Autism Foundations, mentoring other families with Autistic children and studying immune issues to determine better and innovative ways to assist her son and others to give them the best quality life possible.

In the past year, she organized Autism Fest Austin (AFA), a collaborative event that brought together four Texas based non-profits and highlighted services and information for the autism community. Currently Heidi is serving on the board for (AIM) An Independent Me, an Austin based nonprofit focused on the co-op housing environment for adults on the spectrum. Her son Collin brought her into the world of autism when he was diagnosed at a young age. Since then she has become a self-proclaimed ‘Mother Warrior’ and is also looking to make strides for Autism research and awareness.

Heidi Carabine, C.Ht., due to her son’s behavioral needs felt compelled to learn a way to help her son. So in in 2003 she became the founder of Healing Pathways Hypnosis where she is does coaching and behavioral change work. She was certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and has received extensive training in NLP, Psycho-Linguistics and Ericksonian methods. Heidi has had great success in helping people overcome a wide range of human behavioral problems.


Gharith Pendragon

Gharith has been an active member of the Autism activisits for many years. He was first introduced to the wonderful world of Autism when he met Heidi 14 years ago. From that moment, he has volunteered for several area non-profits and has made good friends with doctors who study Autism. He is drawn to the Immune and Autism world because he has seen the suffering of those with these disorders. He wants to help people. While working in the administrative healthcare arena he did research with doctors and mental health professionals that looked in to the impact of Immune disorders and he went to conferences that focused on Autism.

For the past few years, Gharith has aided law enforcement and search and rescue agencies with finding and comforting people in need. His main focus on the board will be to help guide research and direct scholarships. He is very excited that something like FAIR exists to help those in the under-served populations. He is thrilled that FAIR is a non-profit and that it really cares about the group it serves.


Lupe Valdez

Lupe Valdez is a writer/producer/director and editor with 16 years experience in the film industry with his production company ANTEROS FILMS. He spent 7 years as a talent agent at the largest agency in Texas, Acclaim Talent, where he repped talent that booked speaking roles in all the studio projects coming to Texas. He’s a graduate from the film school at the University of Texas.  President of NALIP Austin (, founding member of the Gamma Collective and has been a part of SXSW for 14 years, including 2 years as a film panelist and several years running the Filmmakers Lounge. Currently he is writing several feature films as well as producing projects in various mediums and editing projects including actor reels (

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