Family & Community

It takes a village to raise a child…

And an even bigger village and explorations to

support an individual in the Autism Spectrum, or with
an immune-deficiency or facing other health challenges.

Family and community connections make a world of difference in overall recovery potential. Explore therapy options, especially those that have research based effective outcomes, or those that peers you trust in the community highly recommend. Explore counseling and support group options, or join meet up groups, as they often offer a wealth of understanding friends and helpful resources.

Hire tutors and caregivers rather than taking on all the intensive attention and work on your own. Learn from those in your community and try to apply strategies you see are helping. There is funding available to help cover the expenses: Medicaid or health insurance benefits; some federal, state and local programs; grants and scholarships from charitable organizations and companies. Embark on a journey of dietary research because food is medicine, and can play a direct role in progress. If you have a son or daughter in Special Education, attend IEP workshops or consult with others because you are an active participant in the decision making process of the legally binding written “agreements” in the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

Above all, consider yourself a teacher, a researcher, an advocate, a student, an active participant, and a channel to recovery, a hero. Please come share your findings and learn from others involved with FAIR.

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