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Expert Interviews


The founder of FAIR discusses the goals and reasons for the non-profit.


Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: “Disease is a process, the cure is a process”
This doctor has tackled the toughest of diseases including lymes, alzheimers, autism, etc.


Cisco Buitron, an autism self-advocate, talks about autism from the inside out as well as promoting respect on both sides of the biomedical treatment advocates versus the neuro-diversity movement discussion.


Chris Sanchez with Majic 95.5 interviews Heidi Carabine with FAIR and Stacey Ham with The Little Acorn Academy on their partnership to benefit FAIR and promote autism inclusion for children from two to four years old.


Heidi interviews Nicholas Glenski, a teenage self-advocate who took matters into his own hands and discovered diet and supplementation to help his journey into recovery!

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