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Junior Advisory Board

Collin Carabine

Collin is 16 years old. He has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD combined type, PDD/NOS and Aspergers. He attends Lake Travis High School and is part of the theater program there.

He has a passion for writing, drawing and video games. He enjoys creating his own videos and making everyone around him laugh. He has volunteered at the Humane Society, worked with the elderly, participated at the Give Autism A Chance popup cafe, has been part of the work study program through Goodwill Industries of greater Austin, and is currently volunteering at An Independent Me as a junior camp counselor.



Cisco Buitron

Francisco (“Cisco”) Buitron was born on March 17, 1986 at the Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, Texas. At a very young age, he discovered he was different from the others: How, he wasn’t sure. He knew he did not understand their social cues, certain noises and smells irritated him heavily, and he had several obsessive interests. He felt isolated, unsure of what he was. The diagnosticians at the time were not able to pinpoint an exact profile, simply marking him as “Emotionally Disturbed” but noting he had academic gifts in certain areas, but needed remedial education in others. They had suggested a Special Education base and attendance of Gifted and Talented classes. The school he was attending at the time refused to comply. This, combined with his increasing inability to fit in, caused him to exit the public school system after elementary school in favor of homeschooling. It would not be until the age of seventeen that his uncle, a psychologist, discovered the name for his mental state: Asperger Syndrome. However, upon further inspection of his own history, Cisco realized that he did in fact have a language delay as a child, fitting him under the umbrella of High-Functioning Autism.

In 2009, at the age of Twenty-Three, Cisco, after watching The Horse Boy, embarked on a journey towards self-advocacy: He met with Rupert Isaacson after the film was completed, and offered to assist them in insight as to how the autistic brain worked from an adult perspective in exchange for riding lessons and assistance in navigating the non-autistic world. His ability to eloquently express the workings of autism from the inside soon both grew and became more present, and the Foundation offered him a consultant role to answer questions posed by members of the autism community. It was through this venue of advocacy that he came into contact with FAIR, and was offered a role on the Junior Advisory Board; a role he accepted. He hopes to use this role to further assist autists and non-autists in coexisting harmoniously.


Nicholas Glenski

My name is Nicholas Glenski. I was born in 1995 only weighting a pound. I am on my journey to fully recovering from autism. I am looking into several different biomedical treatment options here. I am now 17 and still recovering from Autism. My journey is not over yet but it will be soon! I have been a self-advocate for my Autism for several years now.

I want to help others who are on their journey. I believe in the message of FAIR, we need to help the people who have been diagnosed with Autism and other Immune disorders. My full story is in the success section.


Travis Breeding

Travis Breeding now age 27, grew up knowing something was just not right with him in this neurotypical world. At age 22, Mr. Breeding was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

In hopes of sharing his story with others, he decided to write his first book of many to come. His main goal is to educate as many people as he can on Autism and other Spectrum disorders. Travis shares his personal struggles and accomplishments with making and keeping friends while learning how to control Asperger’s Syndrome instead of allowing it to control him.

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