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Our Song

The “FAIR” Song was written so that “WE” as a nation / world could speak for those who can’t and make a huge impact globally.

Mike Corey – The Song Writer | Visite Mike’s Website | Mike’s YouTube Channel

Back in September Heidi approached me via Facebook and asked if I would be interested in writing a song for her upcoming website F.A.I.R… I told her I would love to do it, since one of my best friends son’s was autistic as well as my nephew, I understood the hardships for them in their lives with the world not understanding them and not excepting them for who they are. Heidi then told me a bit more about her and her son and of her cause. So I asked her what the cause meant to her, she told me, and threw her words I wrote “Hear Their Voices” the same night. I’m very happy and proud to have helped her with this small contribution to her cause and must say she was great to work with as well, always on top of things and keeping me informed and letting me know exactly what she wanted. Making the video to the song was even more of a delight to see all those people sharing there photos with the world made me feel really good inside and opened me up a bit more to the world outside of my little box… I love to help bring things and people together :)

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