Teen Takes Autism Recovery Into His Own Hands!

Autism Recovery:

My name is Nicholas Glenski. I was born in 1995 only weighting a pound. I am on my journey to fully recovering from autism. I was fully vaccinated. I had horse riding therapy when I was 4 to learn how to walk and talk. I was then riding a 2 wheeled bike at 4 also. Jump ahead to 15 when I got diagnosed with the disease of autism.  Which for me was High function autism, whatever that means. It was lack of eye contact, lack in communication, not socially engaging, diarrhea, constipation, sensory hell, impairment in intelligence, yeast overgrowth, stemming (picking the seems of shirts), wondering and fixations. I got tired of feeling awful and not even having a friend. I spent months researching the best way to get better.  I pushed to start Biomedical treatment at 16 and got myself a dan doctor and started an organic dairy free diet with supplements. I had to be responsible for my own diet. I have overcome a lot of this! I am living in Costa Mesa C.A . I am loving it here. I am looking into several different biomedical treatment options here. I am now 17 and still recovering from autism!  My journey is not over yet but it will be soon!

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