A Young Mans Struggle and Triumph with Autism

Living with with Autism:

My name is Matthew Mcenery and I am thirty years of age.  I was diagnosed at age 10 with autism and I have also asthma and a lazy eye.  I got surgery when I was 13 for the lazy eye.  In my twenties, I developed alcoholism and managed to be freed from it since 2008, [taking it] one day at a time.  I now have a trade certificate in horticulture, parks and gardens and work part-time pushing trollies. I am looking at full time work and have got alot of support.  God has been good to me and I do martial arts and boxing and gym work for exercise.  I believe that my heavenly father and my earthly father have always been there for me and without the both of them I would not be here today.

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